If you are looking for a cost-optimised website deployment (or may be a free web hosting) in Azure then this is for you.

A couple of years ago I found a technique of hosting static Websites in Azure that costs only a Dollar (I call it One Dollar Deployment). This was using Azure Storage’s static website.

In Build 2020, Microsoft announced Azure Static Web App with a Serverless Backend. This was different than my Azure Storage’s static website. It was fully managed and automated using GitHub actions. …

Some background first

Can you afford to re-invent the wheel? I’m sure most of you will say a big NO. Similarly, in software development, it’s not very common to build a piece of software from scratch unless you are building something which was not done by anyone before you in the world. Typically, a development team gets help from a platform like GitHub, or get help from other similar projects running within your organization. They copy the base code (let’s call it the initial codebase) from others and start developing on top of that. This is re-using the wheel.

This is one way…

If you are getting started with Azure DevOps Pipeline for Application Deployment in Azure, you need two basic things for your Azure Pipeline to Authenticate and deploy to Azure. One — a Service Principal Name (SPN) in Azure and a Service Connection in Azure DevOps.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to quickly create SPN in Azure Portal and a Service Connection in Azure DevOps.

Background — Azure SPN and DevOps Service Connection

TL; DR: You can skip this section if you just want HOW TO guide. Just jump to Creating an Application Registration and SPN in the Azure Portal section to get started.

This is the Summer of 2021, and Summer means a ton of new announcements and public previews of cool stuff from Microsoft to play with. This summer a few things are on my radar and, I’m really excited about the possibility.

First and foremost, .NET 6 with C# 10 (I can see the future lies here). Visual Studio 2022 and finally Windows 11. I got my personal development machine updated last weekend. To put everything into a test, I wanted to write a piece of code in .NET 6 (a Minimal API) with C# 10 in Visual Studio 2022 IDE…

Some background info first

So, you are a developer, you develop your magical apps using Visual Studio and often time get frustrated with the sluggish development environment? which in turn kills your productivity? And guess what, to solve this, you plan to upgrade the hardware of your computer (is it practical?)? what if I tell you without upgrading your development environment’s hardware, you can achieve super-productivity even using your aging computer?

Sounds exciting? isn’t it? Well, this is possible with Visual Studio Codespaces.

Visual Studio Codespaces is a cloud-powered development environment. With Codespace you use your Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to connect…

Almost all organizations have a need for document storage for their applications. If the organization is a Microsoft shop then, one of the most popular choices for them is SharePoint Document Library. SharePoint Document library allows you to store documents, retain their versions, provides the ability to make any old version to the current version, last but not the least deleting a specific version of a document.

With all the goodness of SharePoint, it comes with its own limitations. For many custom cloud applications build, SharePoint may not always be the right choice because of various reasons. It needs a…

This is Microsoft Ignite 2019 season and during this time around the year we get some nerdiest products out of Microsoft.

This time around one of my most dreamt products is out for public preview. This is Visual Studio IDE in the browser — Visual Studio Online. Yes, it’s a working Visual Studio Code IDE in your browser to run and debug your code from anywhere.

Getting started

Disclaimer: You do not need to install .NET Core or Visual Studio Code in your local system to use Visual Studio Online. Needless to say, you just need a Modern browser. …

WebJobs is a feature of Azure App Service that enables you to run a program or script in the same context as a web app, API app, or mobile app as per Microsoft Document.

If you build your WebJob Console app in .NET Framework then its very easy to build and deploy the WebJob with the parent API or Web App as by linking it to Web/Api App as below -

When Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) was launched for the first time, I tried to use it as a Linux development platform and ran my first Cross Platform .NET Core Web Application and I found it amazing.

With the popularity of Microservices, containerised applications with Docker is one of the hottest topic in the market now a days. While learning this piece of tech I thought of using my WSL as my Docker development platform natively on experimental basis.

While doing many failed attempts to install and trying to configure Docker in WSL1, Microsoft announced the release of WSL2 on…

If you are reading this article then there is a good chance that you are a –

1. Microsoft TFS(Team Foundation Server)’s or Azure DevOps’s (formerly known as VSTS) TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) user for a good amount of time.

2. And now with the huge popularity of Git because of all of its goodness and Microsoft’s first class support to Git with Azure DevOps your project team has decided to move the source control to Git from TFVC.

3. And as a result of which you as a poor developer struggling day in and day out figuring out…

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